Salento in Milan

Terra d’Otranto

The Moscara Terra d’Otranto restaurant stands as a bridge between Milan and Salento in the name of passion for simple and authentic food. That one of the Puglia’s good tradition and a journey that will take you to discover the aromas and flavors of Otranto, Gallipoli and Lecce. Located in a strategic position in the heart of Milan but far from the crowds of the city center, it offers a tasteful and light menu for business lunches and a wide choice of Salento’s delicacies for dinner.

With its 200 seats between the internal hall and dehor it is suitable for business or private events. The location becomes synonymous with aesthetic pleasure and art: ceilings with star vaults, clouds, light effects and a new floral identity, as well as a new concept that sees each room as a small art gallery. Fabio Novembre redesigned the restaurant in a modern and eclectic way, making it “where Milano meets art and designers” (Artslife)

Salento’s businessman

Antonio Moscara, a successful businessman from Salento and owner of Terra d’Otranto, Yacout and the brand-new Casa Noscia of Gallipoli, has always had a passion for catering, and he has no doubts as to the strength of his restaurant: the typical products from Puglia.
Now that the colors and flavors of Salento have left their territory and are found here at Terra d’Otranto “My Salento’s laboratory of taste begins from the entrance, where you can see exposed seafood specialties in all their severe beauty: branzini, sea ​​urchins, lobsters and prawns, arranged on a bed of ice. So the customers can immediately enjoy the colors and appreciate the perfumes. ”
Freshness and Mediterranean taste declined in both menus of sea and land with products that follow the rhythm of the seasons immediately visible on a display stand “I wanted a display stand able to line up land’s products so that everyone can catch the wonders that Salento can offer ..”

Expression of Salento’s art:
the mosaic

The practice of mosaic takes on a current face in his hands, pop in the colors but powerful in content: the references go from the classic to the masters of contemporary “[Alessandra Redaelli, Arte Mondadori, March 2018] Orodè Deoro’s works make the rooms of Terra d’Otranto precious.

What about those clouds? “The play between presence and absence becomes the magical element of the work and gives each piece the lightness of an apparition, the intangibility of a ghost, the trace of a memory or the image of a dream” […] Benedetta Mori Ubaldini is the artist who created our Terra d’Otranto’s clouds!

At Terra d’Otranto you are surrounded by Salento: the vault of Lecce is in fact a type of typical cover of the Salento area that is suitable for Lecce’s porous and crumbly stone.

The cuisine of a society is the language in which it unconsciously translates its structure.

Claude Levi Strauss


Raid Yacout: a unique Maghreb style’s local were the atmosphere, rituals and food take you to the East.


Terra d’Otranto: Love for tradition and raw materials that come directly from Salento.


Casa Noscia: The tradition of Pugliese cuisine in the heart of Gallipoli in front of the 1600s historic Ipogeo oil mill.