The sea of Salento

Salento raw fish starters

  • Tasting raw fish from Gallipoli with oil,lemon juice and celery salt
  • Mixed fish Carpaccio with soy balsamic sauce
  • Gallipoli raw prawns and Shrimps with chilli oil, lemon and spiced salt
  • Ricciola tartare or Tuna with citrus fruit and chilli oil
  • Three fishes tartare with our chef’s sauces
  • Bretagna Oysters (le Bouzigues o de Claires)
  • Sea Urchins of Gallipoli

Salento cooked fish starters

  • Prawn salad and steamed sea asparagus with oil, lemon and pepper
  • Black Chickpeas of Altamura with squids
  • Squids and shrimps cooked in pan with Radicchio on cruncy “frisa”
  • Mussels soup alla tarantina (with tomato sauce)
  • Curled octopus stew with broad beans purée

First sea courses

  • Tagliatelle with 5 cereals with shrimp and zucchini in bloom
  • Gragnano Paccheri with seafood sauce, fennel and Friscous
  • Linguine with sea urchins of Gallipoli
  • Fettuccine (pasta) in crust with sea food
  • Spaghetti with clams
  • Tiella (rice, potatoes and mussels with tomato and spring onion)
  • Five-cereal soup with mugnoli and prawns

Second Sea courses

  • Seared tuna with chicory and citronette salad
  • Pumpkin velouté with cuttlefish noodle (or purple shrimp from Gallipoli)
  • Wild catch of the day grilled or with salt
  • Sea bass fillet with potatoes and artichokes
  • Grilled swordfish slice with confit cherry tomatoes
  • Crunchy octopus with catalogna
  • Squid or calamari of Gallipoli on the grill
  • Mixed Mediterranean seafood grill
  • Fried totanetti and artichokes in batter with whole wheat flour
  • Fried shrimp, calamari and zucchini

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Raid Yacout: a unique Maghreb style’s local were the atmosphere, rituals and food take you to the East.


Terra d’Otranto: Love for tradition and raw materials that come directly from Salento.


Casa Noscia: The tradition of Pugliese cuisine in the heart of Gallipoli in front of the 1600s historic Ipogeo oil mill.