Pugliese Cuisine

The sea of Salento

Pugliese Cuisine

The same eclecticism is to be found in the invitation to the table that traces Puglia in all its essence; from its roots to its sea, to end in its most loved delicacies of Salento, crudité of seafood, friselle with curly pulp, carpaccio of amberjack with aromatic salt and citrus fruit all seasoned with extra virgin olive oil of XXXX DOP with a touch of sun-baked tomatoes.

Country spirit

Pugliese Cuisine

At Terra d’Otranto tradition and innovation meet, where modernity and creative inspiration redefine the boundaries of the identity of regional cuisine every day: a real laboratory of taste, where the only tools are the raw materials that come directly from Puglia every day, as mozzarella di bufala DOC of Lecce, Stracciatella, Martinafranca’s Capocollo and Provolone. The traditional cuisine of Puglia naturally satisfies vegetarians and vegans with a selection of wild field vegetables such as mugnoli, chicory, marasciuoli as well as the famous turnip greens, broccoli and catalonia, broad beans, and black chickpeas presidio slow food and many other dishes that you can find in our menu.

Pizze Gourmet

Pugliese Cuisine

Pizzas are offered with organic flours and five cereals, ground with stone, our doughs are all based on sourdough; the dough rests at least 24 hours inside a controlled room temperature, between 20 and 24 degrees; a process that allows sugars to split into simpler compounds, making our pizzas particularly digestible. The ingredients to garnish the pizzas are strictly seasonal in their different combinations. From the oven also a proposal of delicious gourmet dishes such as the “Puccia”.

Sweet Temptations

Pugliese Cuisine

In addition to a traditional selection, you cannot miss Puglia’s typical sweets such as Pasticciotto and Spumone.

Salento’s wines and beyond

Pugliese Cuisine

The wine list, rich and varied, will take you on a journey from the North to the South, in a climax of scents and colors.


Raid Yacout: a unique Maghreb style’s local were the atmosphere, rituals and food take you to the East.


Terra d’Otranto: Love for tradition and raw materials that come directly from Salento.


Casa Noscia: The tradition of Pugliese cuisine in the heart of Gallipoli in front of the 1600s historic Ipogeo oil mill.